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Flight FAQs -

1. How do I book a flight ticket?

1. Enter the destination

2. Enter the date of departure

3. Confirm whether you want a return trip.

4. Enter the number of passengers travelling.

5. Choose the airline.

6. Click on the ‘Select’

7. Enter the traveler's details in passenger information page.

8. Click the payment option

2. How do I Cancel my flight ticket?
You have to send an online request on FlyOnTrip’s portal to cancel your flight ticket.

3. How do I print my E-Ticket?
As soon as you book your ticket you will get an e-ticket on your screen all you have to do is just click on the print option and the print it.

4. How can I get my Boarding Pass?
When you are checking-in, you need to show the e-ticket at the check-in counter. The representative of the respective airline will assist you with the boarding card.

5. What are the benefits of registering with FlyOnTrip?
You get the best and cheapest rates with a various range of coupon offering great deals.

6. What is an amendment?
Once your booking is confirmed and you wish to make changes with your booking(eg: date)this kind of changes done in booking is known as an amendment.

7. Can I cancel my tickets after amendment?
Yes you can cancel your tickets after amendment But, cancellation charges will be applied for the same.

8. How do I know that my booking is confirmed?
Once you book a flight with FlyOnTrip you will see a confirmation message and an e-ticket on your screen.Taking a printout of the same is advisable.

9. What payment options does FlyOnTrip have?
We accept major Debit and Credit Cards of leading national and multinational banks. Mobile payments and e-wallet payments are also possible.

10. Is my credit card information safe on your site?
Yes,The credit card information that you provide is completely confidential and is secure too.

11. What is the maximum count for booking flight tickets?
FlyOnTrip allows a maximum of 9 tickets per booking. If it exceeds 9 seats, you have to re-book for additional travellers.

12. What is my baggage limit?
Baggage limit completely depends on the airlines and the place you are travelling to.

13. What health requirements are needed before flying?

As per FlyOnTrip below mentioned medical clearances are needed:

• If you are suffering with any kind of medical condition.

• If you are travelling for treatment.It is advised by FlyOnTrip to avoid travelling by air if,

1. You have faced a recent heart attack.

2. You have gone through a recent surgery.

3. You feel breathlessness at rest.

4. You have an unresolved pneumothorax.


Hotel FAQs -


1. How to search hotels by price?
You can go to FlyOnTrip’s home page and click on hotels then select the hotel you wish to as per price.

2. Is extra bed Facility available?
This facility completely depends on the terms and policies of the respective hotel.

3. Is breakfast included in the fares provided?
Once you book hotels for specific dates, by clicking on the information you will find information about breakfast, taxes and room facilities.

4. What do I need to do to find contact details of the hotel?
You can get the address of the specific hotel on its page. Further details will be provided once the booking is been made.

5. Are there any Special discounts or deals?
Yes, We provide the cheapest fare with the best deals which you can avail on FlyOnTrip’s home page.

6. How do I be assured about my reservation confirmation?
Once you complete the reservation process. Your screen will blink with a message. It will show your reservation details and booking number.

7. How can I find out if a hotel has a certain facility like a lift?
Just click on the Hotel Facilities on the overview page of the hotel.

8. Is WiFi available in the hotels?
Availability of WiFi completely depends on the facilities provided by them.

9. What kind of credit cards are accepted by FlyOnTrip?
We accept credit cards from MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

10. Do I need to carry the hotel confirmation voucher while checking in the hotel?
Yes, you are required to carry the hard copy or soft copy of the booking voucher when you check in.